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Term Extraction TermBox
Advanced Functions
When you close the palette, it will show all pairs.

"Save one pair randomly"


①Click one cell to select; ②Click the serial number to select the whole line; ③ Hold down Shift (or Ctrl) and click to select multiple cells (lines).(Shift + /


Double-click the cell to modify the text contents.


Select one cell (line) and hold down Shift (or Ctrl). Then select the remaining cells (lines) and click Merge.(Ctrl + C/M)


Double-click the cell, put the mouse onto the split part and then click Split.(Ctrl + Enter)


Select one or several cell(s)/lines and click Up.(Ctrl +


Select one or several cell(s)/lines and click Down.(Ctrl +


Select one or several cell(s)/lines and click Exchange.(X)


Select one cell (line) and click Insert.(Ctrl + I)


Select one cell (line) and click Delete.(D/Delete)

Tips: 1.
User Guide,Click Here; On-line Alignment Introduction Video,Click Here.
How to cancel the Thunder and other third-party default download tool,Click Here.
If you suffer network interruption or power failure during alignment, please don't worry about the loss of previous alignment results. The browser has automatically saved the most recent alignment results locally!
All sentences that have been split will be marked in green or yellow so users could concentrate on the accuracy of the pairs. Use green and yellow to distinguish odd and even segments respectively. This function could avoid merging sentences which are not in the same paragraph effectively. Find out more,Click Here.
Save Submit
All files can be aligned in contrast of the context; Excel files can be aligned in contrast of the context/side by side comparison form. TMX files can also be edited.
Supported file type

1. Office Files

doc/docx xls/xlsx ppt/pptx wps rtf pot dot vsdx ods ots odg otp odt ott

2. Web Files

html htm xhtml

3. Technical Communication Files

dita ditamap

4. Localization Files

xliff sdlxlf xlf xml tmx

5. DTP Files

md idml mif srt

6. Other Files

chm txt pdf csv yml json

Supported languages Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Myanmar, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Philippines, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Malay, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Bengali, Armenian, Latin, Tibetan, Uyghur, Yi, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian, Estonian, Lithuanian Size Limitation The default file size is limited to 20M (Please export TM before refreshing or closing the page if the file is beyond 20M). 收费标准 1、导出每份文件2元;
99.9元 (可对齐导出150份文件)
199.9元 (可对齐导出500份文件)
Bilingual DocumentsSingle Bilingual Document Bilingual DocumentsSingle Bilingual Document Use OCR to convert PDF? Click here!
Caching ... Line / page
On-line Alignment 
Source-Target Documents Alignment: the source text and the target text are stored in two documents;
One Bilingual Document Alignment: the source text and the target are stored in a single document in contrast of the context;
Source-Target/One Bilingual Document Alignment
中文(简体) 英语(美国) 日语 韩语 俄语 德语 西班牙语 法语 阿拉伯语 意大利语 土耳其语 葡萄牙语 荷兰语 泰语 越南语 缅甸语 藏语 维语 彝语 拉丁语 ... 中文(台湾) 中文(香港) 英语(英国) 印尼语 柬埔寨语 老挝语 马来语 菲律宾语 希腊语 乌克兰语 瑞典语 捷克语 斯洛伐克语 斯洛文尼亚语 波兰语 丹麦语 芬兰语 匈牙利语 印地语 希伯来语 孟加拉语 亚美尼亚语 罗马尼亚语 保加利亚语 克罗地亚语 阿尔巴尼亚语 马其顿语 爱沙尼亚语 立陶宛语 46 languages & 2070 translation directions
Identify the cases of “one sentence corresponding to several sentences”, “several sentences corresponding to one sentence”, and “several sentences corresponding to several sentences” intelligently.

Intelligent Alignment

Supported 36 file formats including docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, txt etc. for import.
Supported file formats such as xlsx/txt/tmx/docx for export.
Supported File Formats
Delete duplicated sentences.
 Identify one source sentence corresponding to several target sentences automatically.
Identify the same sentence pairs.
Find and replace words, phrases or sentences.
Advanced Functions
Term extraction, the fruit resulting from the collaboration between Tmxmall and TermBox, enables users to extract terms after alignment. Term Extraction
The usage of TM 
Use bilingual corpus to search, analyze the usage of words, phrases and sentences and research translation strategies and translator styles.
Use TM for Teaching and Research
Use translation memories as references for translators to unify translation style,
reduce repetitive work,
improve translation efficiency and reduce translation costs.
Accumulate TM to improve the efficiency of translation
Train domain machine translation engines by using your large volume of domain language assets and deep learning technology.

Train domain machine translation engines.
Saving TMs to Private Cloud-Based TM,
you are allowed to publish your TMs as products on Tmxmall TM Marketplace,
so as to raising the value of your TMs.
Increase the value of TM