New Pattern of TM Sharing
With Tmxmall TM Marketplace combined, TM ROBOT creates a new pattern of P2P TM sharing.
Step 1:TM sharers install TM ROBOT and share TM. TM consumers use CAT tools with integrated Tmxmall API.
Step 2:TM consumers send the request of querying sentence pairs during translating.
Step 3:Tmxmall TM Marketplace perform the search among all sharing TM and return the matching sentence pairs. Then it will gather the query results and return the best query results to TM consumers.
Main Functions
TM Local Management

Search, import, merge, edit, export millions of TM more convenience.
TM Sharing

Share TM without uploading. Make a great insurance to user privacy.
Automatic Matching Source Text with TM

Matching the fittest TM among Private Cloud Based, TM Marketplace and TM ROBOT. Exploit the value of TM!
TMX Split

Splitting TMX files make load and transfer files more flexible.
Version: v1.2.2
Size: 156 MB
System: Win7/Win8/Win10