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In the second half of the year, trade and foreign GDP growth slowed, partly as a result of higher oil prices and the appreciation of some foreign currencies against the dollar. 下半年,由于油价上涨及部分外币相对于美元的升值,导致贸易及国外GDP增长放缓。
It's easy to Earn Points 轻松赢取积分
Key regional appointments will require joint sign-off from Group Cards and the country CEO. 关键的区域级别任命需要得到集团卡部门和国家首席执行官的共同签署。
Incurred but not yet individually identified impairment, 已发生但尚未单独确认的减值,
LCO and then to GMO HSS Compliance as part of the monthly compliance report 在月度合规报告程序中,先上报 LCO,再上报 GMO HSS Compliance
If no ratings are available, then a‘B’rating should be assumed. 如果没有评级可用,则应假设为“B”评级。
In individual cases more detailed guidance should be sought from local Legal / Compliance functions. 在个别情况下,应向当地法律/合规职能部门寻求更详细的指导。
If, despite the provisions of Article 11 (a) of UCP600, Correspondent Banks send mail confirmations of operative credit instruments sent by teletransmission, advising Group Offices must hold mail confirmations on their files in order to avoid duplication. 如果有UCP600第11条第(a)款的规定, 指定银行发送含有操作性工具(通过电报传递)的确认邮件,集团通知部门须应在其文件中拥有该确认邮件,以免重复。
Information Classification - Illustrative Examples 信息分类 - 示例
In the unlikely event that full financial product segmentation cannot be performed for a given customer group, please complete as many of the product categories and account lines as possible and provisionally insert the balance of the financial information into the “other” column within the respective customer group. 为给定的客户集团进行全部的金融产品分层是有可能的,请完成尽可能多的产品分类和账户明细,并以预计的方式将未能分配的财务余额计入相关客户集团的“其他”卷中。
In this policy,“Global”means relating to HSBC Group Members in more than one Region which includes any supply arrangements where: 在本政策中,“全球”是指与多个区域内的汇丰集团成员相关,包括以下领域的任何供应安排:
However, the rate of increase in overall NPA to some extent masks the more than twofold increase in Large NPAs captured by the return from USD404m in 2006 to USD857m in 2007. 但是,在一定范围内总体NPA的增长率掩盖了从2006年获得4.04亿美元到2007年获得8.57亿美元回报的大规模NPA超过两倍的增长。
In general, the US anti-conduit financing rules deal with, amongst other things, certain financing transactions in which cash collateral (cash deposits or other cash collateral) of a non-US person, whether held inside or outside the US at HBUS or a non-US HSBC affiliate, is used to secure lending to a US borrower and, as a result of the arrangement (‘financing arrangement’), there would be a reduction (or elimination) in US withholding tax.  In addition, the use of cash collateral of a non-US person used to secure a guarantee could also result in the application of the US anti-conduit financing rules. 一般而言,美国反管道金融原则是关于某些金融交易,在这些交易中非美国人士的现金抵押(现金预付款或其他现金抵押),不论该现金抵押是美国境内或美国境外的汇丰持有,或非美国汇丰关联公司持有,均用于担保提供给美国借方的贷款,根据协议(金融协议),将抵扣(或免除)美国预缴税。 此外,非美国人士使用现金抵押作为担保可以适用用美国反管道财政准则。
It should be noted that the experience of these financial institutions in certain jurisdictions has highlighted that there are potential reputational risk considerations in the use of political risk ring-fence language, as it can be interpreted as a limitation on the extent to which a branch can expect financial support from its Head Office (for example, it is known that the Central Bank of Thailand raised objections to the use of the wording which was subsequently withdrawn from use). 还应该注意,这些金融机构在某些特定管辖区域使用政治风险隔离的经验说明,有潜在的声誉风险需要考虑,因为它可以被解释为限制分行期望从其总部获得经济支持程度(如,众所周知的泰国中央银行对这些措辞的使用提出异议,随后这些措辞即停止使用)。
In case the West experience a prolonged recession, the demand of oil may fall which will induce the oil price to drop. 一旦西方的经济衰退延长,石油需求可能下降,从而诱发油价下跌。
In some businesses it is recognised that the above functions will be performed by another Risk unit (Compliance, IT Security etc.).  In those instances, the Risk Management team needs to ensure that these tasks have been performed appropriately and does not need to re-perform these tasks.  在某些企业中,上述职能由其他风险单位(合规、IT 安全部等)执行。在这种情况下,风险管理团队需要确保这些任务得以适当执行,并不需要重复执行。
In such cases, the relevant disciplinary and grievance procedures should be followed. 在此类情况下,应遵循相关的纪律及申诉程序。
IDX_SENDGREET2 = Spin the reels to snatch the cash in the sunken Slot Machine from the monsters. IDX_SENDGREET2 = 旋转卷轴从怪兽的沉没“吃角子老虎机”那里攫取现金。
However, the EUC owner must ensure that the EUC is compliant with any other policies/regulatory and/or legislative requirements within the region. 但是,EUC 责任人必须确保 EUC 符合区域内的所有其他政策/法规和/或法律要求。
It is Group policy not to enter into PAI arrangements as QIs that enter such arrangements accept responsibility for having the customer audited and will be held liable by the IRS for any non compliance/under withholding identified. 集团的政策是,不要作为合格中介机构(QI)订立私人安排中介机构(PAI),因为订立这样的安排的合格中介机构(QI)承担安排客户审计的责任,并就识别的任何不合规/预扣税事项向 IRS 负责。
In Group Offices where a high volume of RFPs of great complexity are received, it may be appropriate to maintain a separate team for the completion of RFPs, sharing best practise, and maintaining a library of responses to standard questions.  Where such a team exists, primary responsibility for the RFP remains with the Sales Manager. 在本集团内收到大量很复杂RFP的分支机构中,可能需要组建一支单独的团队,以完成RFP、分享最佳工作实践并建立一个标准问题反馈意见库。当存在这类团队时,销售经理承担RFP的主要职责。
In-room dining menu 客房内餐饮菜单
If one side of an accounting mismatch is sold or unwound, the accounting mismatch which justified the use of the fair value option would disappear (or be significantly reduced). 如果会计不匹配的一方已售出或解禁,曾证明使用公允价值计量选择权合理性的会计不匹配就会消失(或极大减少)。
Indeed, the array of countries is virtually unchanged on the risk map. 的确,风险图上各国家的布局几乎未变。
In a few moments you will receive an e-mail containing your password. 几分钟后,您将收到含有密码的电子邮件。
III. The valid period of the Power of Attorney is from signing the Power of Attorney to the completion of the foregoing authorized businesses by the Organization. 本授权委托有效期限自本委托书签署时起至本单位办理完毕上述授权业务时止。
In the case of a proposed transfer of shares or other securities mentioned in sub-paragraph 8.2.2(xi), the application should also specify: 如果是如 8.2.2(xi) 小节所述转让股份或其他证券的提案,申请还应指定:
If the maximum loss limit is reached, then, even where positions cannot be fully closed out or there is a need to maintain a face to the market, positions must be managed to minimise the possibility of further losses in the day/month. 如果达到最大损失限额,即使无法完全轧平头寸或需要保持面向市场,也必须控制头寸,以最大限度地减小当日/当月进一步损失的可能性。
If negotiation is undertaken by a bank other than the Nominated Bank, there is no contractual relationship between said bank and the issuing bank. 如果转让是由非指定银行来的承办的,该银行与开立银行之前不存在合约关系。
If the player scores in all five rounds, he wins the "Euro Cash Cup" grand prize. 如果玩家在全部 5 轮游戏中都成功地射门,就将获得“Euro 现金杯”大奖。