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No specific chemotherapeutic agent is known. 已知目前尚无特效化学治疗药物,细心护理是必要的并可减少死亡。
Likelihood of parasympathetic response (PR) according to pre-ablation electrogram characteristics. 根据消融前心电图特征界定迷走反应的可能性。
BLAST searches were done to identify the most specific 300-bp regions in each clone, and specific primers, flanked by T3 and T7 RNA polymerase promoters, were designed for each riboprobe. 以BLAST确定每一克隆最特异性的300bp区域;为每一核糖核酸探针设计带T3和T7RNA多聚酶起动子的特异性引物。
Factors that predict response of patients with hepatitis C virus infection to boceprevir. 可预测丙型肝炎病毒感染患者对波普瑞韦应答的因素
Skin testing with Brucella proteins elicits a typical delayed hypersensitivity response in infected individuals. 在感染过两者的病人身上用布氏杆菌蛋白作皮试引起典型的迟发型变态反应。
Patients were followed for toxicity, biochemical and radiologic response, and survival. 对患者的随访指标包括毒性、生化、放射应答和生存率。
Studies show that concentration changes in global signaling molecules, like cAMP and calcium, affect the response of a cell to guidance molecules. 研究表明,信号分子的浓度变化,如cAMP和钙,影响细胞对指导分子的反应。
Its response to convergence, although slow, is often extensive and its redilation is slow and steady (tonic pupil")." 它对会聚的反应虽然缓慢,但经常是持续较久,瞳孔的再扩大缓慢而平稳(“强直性瞳孔”)。
Studies have shown that HBsAg exists in the viral envelope and contains a group-specific determinant a, and subtype determinants d or y, plus w or r. The subtype determinants d, y and w, r appear to behave as alleles. 研究证明,HBsA9存在于病毒包膜内,含有群特异性决定簇a、亚型决定簇d或y及w或r。
The median OS was 41 months in the surgery-only arm and 62 months in the preoperative chemotherapy arm The median PFS was 20 months for surgery alone and 33 months for preoperative chemotherapy Major response to chemotherapy was seen in 41% of patients; no unexpected toxicity was observed. 仅手术组的中位OS为41个月,而术前化疗组为62个月。仅手术组的中位PFS为20个月,术前化疗组为33个月。41%的患者可见对化疗有显著反应;未观察到意外毒性。
Sustained virologic response: Is this equivalent to cure of chronic hepatitis C? 持续的病毒学反应:这是相当于治愈慢性丙型肝炎吗?
GFP-positive, but not GFP/Cre-positive, new neurons generated large inward currents in response to bath application of 100 mM NMDA. 在灌流100 mM NMDA的情况下在GFP阳性新生神经元中记录到了大的内向电流,而GFP/Cre阳性细胞则没有。
PRL increases insulin secretion in vitro and in vivo, and we found increased VEGF production in vitro in response to PRL. 体内外实验均表明PRL刺激胰岛素分泌,体外实验表明PRL能增加VEGF产生。
We also show evidence of ongoing pulmonary aberrant immune response. 我们同样发现肺组织中存在持续异常免疫应答的证据。
Organ system specific activity such as angiotensin converting enzyme-inhibiting activity contributes to a cardioprotective and blood pressure lowering effect. 器官系统特定的活性如血管紧张素转换酶抑制剂活性有助于心脏保护和降低血压的作用。
Since the late nineteenth century, it has been thought that the microenvironment of the local host tissue actively participates in the propensity of certain cancers to metastasize to specific organs, and that bone provides an especially fertile 'soil'. 自十九世纪末以来,骨已被认为是宿主组织积极参与某些癌症从原发部位转移到某些特定器官这一倾向的微环境,而且它提供了一个特别肥沃的‘土壤’1。
The water channel aquaporin-1 (AQP1) is the molecular counterpart of the ultrasmall pore that mediates free water transport during peritoneal dialysis (PD). 水通道蛋白-1(AQP-1)相当于超微孔的通道,在腹膜透析(PD)过程中介导水分转运。
In an adaptive immune response,naive T cells proliferate during infection and generate long-lived memory cells that undergo secondary expansion after a repeat encounter with the same pathogen. 在获得性免疫应答机制中,未致敏的T细胞在感染期间增殖,并产生具有长期记忆性的细胞,在经历相同病毒多次感染时,具有长期记忆性的细胞能迅速的调动起来,发挥免疫功能。
We hypothesized that the use of a mini-c-arm fluoroscopy device as an alternative to routine radiographs for evaluation of fracture reduction would (1) allow a more anatomic fracture reduction, (2) decrease the number of repeat reductions or subsequent procedures, (3) reduce overall radiation exposure to the , and (4) decrease the orthopaedic consultation time in the emergency department. 我们假设使用小型“C”型臂X线机取代常规X线摄片来评价骨折复位有以下优势(1)骨折达到更好的解剖复位,(2)减少重复复位的次数及后续处理,(3)减少患者的放射线暴露量,(4)减少骨科医师在急诊的会诊时间。
Roy and colleagues evaluate vernakalant hydrochloride,an atrial-selective,short-acting K+ and frequency-dependant,slow Na+ channel blocker. Roy及其同事评价了一种用于转复房颤的静脉制剂-维那卡兰,它具有心房选择性、速效K+通道和频率依赖性慢Na+通道阻滞作用。
The bovine brain microvessels were plated on rat tail collagen fibronectin-coated dishes or glass coverslips and cultured in MEM containing D-valine (to inhibit growth of nonendothelial cells), 11 10% heatinactivated fetal calf serum (FCS), ECGS (30 pg/ml), heparin (120 U/ml), L-glutamine (2 mmol/L), sodium pyruvate (11 pg/mI), penicillin (100 U/mI), and streptomycin (100 pg/ml). 将牛脑微毛细血管组织置于鼠尾胶包被的平皿或是盖玻片上,培养基为MEM含D-缬氨酸(抑制非内皮细胞生长11),10%热灭活FCS,ECGS(30),肝素(120U/ml),L-谷氨酸(2mmol/L),丙酮酸钠(11μg/ml),青霉素(100U/ml),链霉素(100μg/ml)。
First, a substance called prothrombin activator is formed in response to rupture of the vessel or damage to the blood itself. 第一步,血管破裂或血液本身损伤导致称为凝血酶原激活物的形成。
Since the large number of bacteria in the bladder urine is due in part to bacterial multiplication during residence in the bladder cavity, samples of urine from the ureters or renal pelvis might contain fewer than 105 bacteria per milliliter and yet indicate infection. 因为在膀胱尿中的大量细菌部分是由于存留在尿中的细菌繁殖所致,因而虽然自输尿管或肾盂中获取的尿标本中所含的细菌可能少于l05/ml,但仍然表明是感染。
Cigarette smoking significantly attenuated the LPS response for all three cytokines tested among ANSs vs ASMs. 检测ANS和ASM者的细胞因子TNF-a、 IL-6和IL-8, 结果发现吸烟可明显减弱LPS对这3种细胞因子的刺激反应。
PATIENTS AND METHOD32 patients undergoing total knee replacement with high-volume(170 mL)0.2%ropivacaine infiltration analgesia were randomized to receive injection of 20 mL ropivacaine(0.2%)intraarticularly plus 30 mL saline in the extraarticular wound space 24 hours postoperatively or to receive 20 mL ropivacaine(0.2%)intraarticularly plus 30 mL ropivacaine(0.2%)in the extraarticular wound 32例全膝关节置换术患者采用高容量(170 ml)0.2%罗哌卡因行浸润镇痛,术后24小时随机接受如下处理:关节内注射20 ml罗哌卡因(0.2%)加关节外的伤口部位注射30ml生理盐水或关节内注射20ml罗哌卡因(0.2%)加关节外的伤口部位注射30 ml罗哌卡因(0.2%)。
The very specific nature of the sample should be considered before any use is made of the data, because it is likely to exhibit substantial differences from other patient populations. 在使用数据前,要考虑样本的特性,因为可以揭示实质性差异。
A "contact sheet" that lists barriers in each domain and specific intervention techniques is the guide for sessions and a record of the interventions administered. 联络表列出每一领域的障碍和特异性的干预措施,并作为会议及干预措施实施记录的指南。
Note that each question is slightly more specific or directive than the preceding one. 注意每一个问题比其前一个略具特征性或提示性。
However, most physiologists like to reserve the term reflex for an almost instantaneous automatic motor response to a sensory input signal and to call the more complex activities of the nervous system the higher functions. 但是,大多数生理学家喜欢将反射一词留作对感觉信号发生的、几乎是即刻的自主运动反应,而将神经系统更复杂的活动称为高级功能。
The bioreactor provided a specific yield of 185 IVP/cell. 生物反应器能生成185 IVP/细胞的单位产量。