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Early nasal continuous positive airway pressure is an accepted approach, but randomized clinical trials are lacking. 早期的经鼻持续气道正压通气被认为是一种可行的方法, 但尚缺乏相关的临床随机试验。
This study addresses the question by relating anatomical measurements of Heschl's gyrus(HG),the structure containing human primary auditory cortex,to how this region processes temporal and spectral acoustic information. 本研究主要是测量颞横回相关解剖学参数。
Rituximab therapy was not inferior to daily cyclophosphamide treatment for induction of remission in severe ANCA-associated vasculitis and may be superior in relapsing disease. 在诱导严重ANCA相关血管炎缓解方面,利妥昔单抗治疗不劣于每天进行环磷酰胺治疗,而且它在复发性疾病的治疗中有可能更优越。
Relative to amoxicillin, azithromycin was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular death and death from any cause, with an estimated 47 additional cardiovascular deaths per 1 million courses; patients in the highest decile of risk for cardiovascular disease had an estimated 245 additional cardiovascular deaths per 1 million courses. 相对于阿莫西林,阿奇霉素与心血管死亡危险和任何原因死亡危险升高均相关。每100万个疗程中,估计有47例额外心血管死亡。在位于心血管疾病危险最高十分位数的患者中,每100万个疗程中估计有245例额外心血管死亡。
Patients with hip involvement had significantly worse overall Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index(BASFI)scores compared with patients without hip involvement(mean difference=1.6,P>0.001)(Dataset A,confirmed in B). 出现髋关节受累的病人的总Bath强直性脊柱炎功能指数评分比没有出现髋关节受累的病人的该项评分差(平均差=1.6,P>0.001)(数据集A,以数据集B验证)。
Multivariable logistic regression revealed that male sex and no prior heart surgery were associated with no follow-up. 多变量logistic回顾分析显示男性以及既往未接受心脏手术与没有随访相关。
While effective interventions exist for some injury-related problems, more research is needed to better understand how successful interventions can be incorporated into practice settings. 尽管已有一些损伤相关问题的有效干预措施,但仍需要进行更多的研究,以更好地了解如何将成功的干预措施纳入实践中。
Precursor B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia occurring in patients with a history of prior malignancies: is it therapy-related? 既往有恶性肿瘤史的患者发生前体B细胞性急性淋巴细胞白血病:与治疗相关吗?
We searched Medline, Embase, and CENTRAL, proceedings from four conferences, and reference lists of relevant studies to identify relevant trials. 本研究通过搜查Medline、医学文摘、CENTRAL、来自四次会议的座谈及参考相关研究的列表以确定相关的试验。
Increasing evidence suggests that a history of diabetes may be involved in the development of various sites of cancer. 越来越多的证据表明,糖尿病史与多个部位的癌症发展相关。
The 30-day mortality rate, however, was largely attributable to non-ICH related causes and correlated with patient age (p = 0.032) and whether the patient was a transfusion responder (p = 0.022). 然而,30天死亡率主要是ICH无关因素所致,其与患者的年龄(p = 0.032) 及患者是否有输注应答相关(p = 0.022)。
These newly associated SNPs were correlated with the expression levels of RNASET2 at 6q27, of CHRNA9 and of a previously uncharacterized gene at 4p14, respectively. 这些新的相关SNP分别与6q27的RNASET2,CHRNA9和位于4p14的一个先前特征不明基因的表达水平相关。
Participants were followed for a median 5.9 years to track the prevalence of CVD events (stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and CVD-related mortality). 对心血管事件(卒中、心肌梗死、心衰以及CVD相关的死亡率)的发病率进行为期平均5.9年的追踪随访。
since the web browser is a thin client, it is not always easy to develop advanced functionality for processing, rendering, manipulation, and overall management of images and related information;access to DICOM images and related information is limited to human users, while other software applications cannot take advantage of this web-based communication. 因为web浏览器是瘦客户端,通常不容易发展高级功能,如处理、显示、操作以及图像和相关的信息的全面管理;用户对访问DICOM图像和相关信息是有限制的,而其他应用软件从这种基于web的通信受益。
Familial TBG deficiency may be inherited as a sex-linked recessive or as an autosomal dominant, and has been reported in association with Beckwith syndrome. 家族性甲状腺结合球蛋白缺乏可按性连锁隐性或常染色体显性方式遗传,据报告与Beckwith综合征有关。
Cancer Related Fatigue 癌症相关的疲劳
In one study--PARSIFAL (Prevention of Allergy-Risk Factors for Sensitization in Children Related to Farming and Anthroposophic Lifestyle)--samples of mattress dust were screened for bacterial DNA with the use of single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analyses to detect environmental bacteria that cannot be measured by means of culture techniques. 在一项研究-- PARSIFAL[变态反应的预防--与农业及源于神秘信仰的(Anthroposophic)生活方式相关的儿童致敏作用的危险因素)中--研究者采用单链构型多态性(SSCP)分析筛查了床垫灰尘样本的细菌DNA,以检测出培养技术无法检到的环境细菌。
Interestingly, loss of chromosome 6q16-q24, including the TCF21 locus, has been associated with metastatis. 有意思的是,染色体6q16-q24丢失(包括了TCF21位点)与肿瘤的转移相关。
Retinopathy in persons without diabetes was associated with increased risk of stroke. 无糖尿病患者视网膜病与增加的卒中风险相关。
Longitudinal study of earthquake-related PTSD in a randomly selected community sample in north China. 在中国北方随机选择的一个社区样本中对地震相关PTSD的纵向研究
Mounting evidence suggests that altered splicing is associated with and possibly involved in tumor progression and/or metastasis. 越来越多的证据表明改变的剪接和肿瘤发生和/或转移是相关的。
Mannose-binding lectin gene polymorphism contributes to recurrence of infective exacerbation in patients with COPD. 甘露糖结合外源凝集素的基因多态性与COPD 患者反复感染加重相关
National initiatives are increasingly needed to improve information and support for male breast cancer patients. 男性乳腺癌的相关的信息和治疗期待国内更多的关注。
In fact, including 2'-deoxyguanosine during the 5-FC treatment reverses the depletion of endogenous dGTP, reduces the amount of GCV incorporated into DNA, and negates the increased GCV-mediated cytotoxicity associated with CD/5-FC. 事实上,在5-FC治疗期间包括2'脱氧鸟苷逆转了内源性dGTP的衰竭,减少GCV进入DNA的合体作用,否定了与CD/5-FC相关的GCV介导的细胞毒性的增加。
Predictors of mortality for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus health-care-associated pneumonia: specific evaluation of vancomycin pharmacokinetic indices. "耐甲氧西林金黄色葡萄球菌性健康保健相关性肺炎病死率的预测因素分析
It should be noted, that although the retrieval process is based on the HTTP protocol, the DIM web service employs second generation web service technologies, namely XML/SOAP messaging and all related metadata technologies, thus supporting a much broader range of services related to the overall management of DICOM images than the ones addressed by the WADO standard. 我们应该注意到,虽然取回过程基于HTTP协议, 但是DIM web service使用了第二代web service技术, 即XML/SOAP信息和所有的相关的元数据技术。这样可以比WADO标准所说的支持更大范围的所有与 DICOM图像管理相关的服务。
The score predicted stroke-related disability, length of stay for recurrent stroke, and hence, overall acute hospital care costs. 该评分可预测卒中相关的残疾和卒中复发后住院多长时间,因此也可预测急性期医护花费。
Among the numerous AKT substrates, mTOR is thought to be one of the major targets of relevance to cancer therapy. 在许多的AKT酶作用物中,mTOR被认为是和癌治疗相关的最重要靶向。
Clinical, neurological, and electrophysiological features of nodding syndrome in Kitgum, Uganda: an observational case series. 在乌干达点头综合征的临床,神经病学和神经电生理学特征:一项观察性病例研究
The anatomic location of uveitis was anterior in all patients, and associated vitreitis was present in 4 patients; none exhibited retinal lesions or scars. 虹膜炎的解剖部位均位于眼前节,4例有相关的玻璃体炎。均无视网膜病变或疤痕。